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Japanese Salon presents Jiro Arts Foundation

Jiro Inagaki (1933-2008), former imperial kimono designer who followed his passion as an artist expressing his free style with manual Japanese paper making to reflect the power of nature. His works were exhibited in Japan and Europe, especially in France and the Netherlands. His

      Touch of Japan in Bussum Dia1

Sharing views on Dutch radio program...

Here is the link for the Dutch radio program where I shared my view on the project by a Dutch Photographer Jan Banning and journalist Hilde Janssen. http://www.vpro.nl/nooitmeerslapen/speel.program.45047512.html The project by Dutch photographer Jan Banning and journalist Hil

4 steps for good presentation for Japanese

This week, starting one week morning intensive course for Japanese clients. Presentation tools which could be applied for any moment, from a small chat, one minute talk to a 10 min power point presentation.

Japanese ladies, Go global!

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lecture, Kyoto, July 2014

How do the Japanese female students in Kyoto see their opportunity in global business, outside of Japan? The young ladies who have traditional Japanese values with good English c


打谷 安珠美です。TEDxWOMEN Amsterdamのトーク、多くの方から素敵なお言葉をいただきました。ありがとうございます! もちろん、私が主宰しているサロンについて、それから日本人の普段の習慣的な仕草を通

TEDx Amsterdam Women

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Event, Amsterdam, 2011

Azumi spoke at Tedx Amsterdam Women event about inner elegance. Watch her talk here. TEDxWomen is a global community of TEDx innovators, holding events centered around TEDWomen,

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